What’s happening at Clearview

Clearview has been doing business in San Antonio and the Hill Country area since 1985. We’re known for our professional window cleaning, power washing and gutter cleaning services. We’re excited to announce, we’ve added solar panel cleaning to our services, and are members of the Texas Solar Energy Society.

After a year to 18 months, the hot, Texas sun can bake pollen, dust and pollution on solar panels, this causing decrease efficiency and productivity. But, after just one cleaning, our customers are delighted to see their productivity levels increase back to almost installation levels. Also, cleaning panels at least once a year, especially during the peak season, will help keep our customers panels operating at the highest efficiency levels.

How we do it: We use a de-ionizing, reverse osmosis, pure water filtration system. This water fed pole uses a brush made specifically for cleaning solar panels, and the chemical free cleaning leaves the panels almost residue free.

On September 30th, we attended the 2017 Hill Country Solar Tour and Conference, visited many home with solar panels installed, and spoke to several representatives in the solar industry. We are diligently researching everything “solar” and look for opportunities to help educate our customers on the benefits of maintaining their panels.

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