Our Difference

Straight Talk About the Industry


This is the “Biggie.” Nobody wants to be responsible for someone else’s actions, but if you hire a company with no insurance that is exactly the chance you take. HINT: Make sure the company has general liability ($1,000,000 is adequate coverage) AND Worker’s Compensation (Otherwise one of their employees could hold YOU responsible for an injury).
Clearview carries General Liability ($2,000,000) and Worker’s Compensation!

How Long the Company Has Been in Business

Window cleaning is particularly susceptible to “fly by night” companies trying to make a quick buck. Most start ups fail and, what’s worse, fail after they have done irreparable damage to windows or reputations (Yours)! Look for a company with several years under their belt doing the specific service you are looking for.
Clearview has serviced customers in San Antonio since 1985!

Reliability and Reputation

Take a couple of minutes to check out a reference or two. It doesn’t take long and could save you many headaches in the future. Ask how long the reference has been doing business with the company, if there have been any problems, if they come when they say they will and if they do a good window-cleaning job (You would be surprised by the difference between a professional and a “fly-by-nighter”).
Clearview is proud to have an extensive list of clientele and numerous references!

Work Guarantee

Does the company guarantee that the window cleaning will be done to your satisfaction? If not, you may wonder what they are trying to protect themselves from.
Clearview fully guarantees it’s work!

Accounting and Office Support

Does the company have computerized billing and monthly statements that track activity? Is there someone available at convenient times? The answers will determine how seriously a company takes their business.
Clearview is committed to customer needs and is available throughout the day!

About Clearview Services:

Clearview has been doing business in San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1985. We are fully insured and professional in every aspect. We provides free estimates, direct personal service and we can always be reached. We are experienced with “chain-stores,” independent businesses, contractors and residences. We understands the need for a reliable, continuous service, and that is precisely what we provide. We will also accommodate you with your billing preference, whether you prefer a cash basis or to have your services on account. We have a proven track record for satisfied and long-standing customers (references are available upon request). Clearview’s motto is…. “NOTHING LESS THAN EXCELLENCE.”